About Me - Mau Loa Studios

"Photography is writing with photos"

My name is Ryan and I am the owner and head photographer at Mau Loa Studios. 

I am 27 years old and have been married to my ever loving and supportive wife Brandy for the past 4 years. We enjoy traveling, love a good adventure and one of our favorite places in the world to visit is Hawaii. Though not originally from Hawaii, the Hawaiian culture is my inspiration behind the theme of Mau Loa Studios. "Mau Loa" meaning 'forever' in Hawaiian is how long I believe you should cherish the moments and memories you make. 

My photography story began many years ago when I was only a teenager. My first ever camera was a simple Olympia digital camera that I received for my birthday from my parents. I took that camera everywhere with me and took hundreds of photos with it. Since then I've grown to appreciate the power and artistry that it takes to capture a story through photography. 

My philosophy or take on life is that as time goes by, you create a story. Most parts of that story that you create are dry, boring, and for the most part uneventful. Those parts of the story are your days at work, time spent in your car going from one place to another or sitting on the couch catching up on the latest gossip on Facebook. Some parts of your story are exciting and grab your attention, like getting a promotion, moving, picking up a new hobby, or even making new friends. And then there are parts of your story that are unforgettable or at least we want to be unforgettable such as celebrating a special birthday, graduating high school, getting engaged, or starting a family.

You see as time goes by, time steals crucial moments away from us and in order for us to not lose those moments forever we need to capture them. I'm not talking about whipping out your cell phone to grab a selfie for Instagram or Facebook because even those photos are lost or forgotten about eventually. I'm talking about capturing the moment through a real lens.

Photography for me is writing with photos. The act of capturing a moment, stealing that moment from time, and writing a story at that moment to keep and pass down for generations to come. To do this it takes a careful eye, a patient mind, and the willingness to have fun.

I have a passion for capturing unique stories. I am looking forward to sitting down with you and getting to know yours.