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Before the days of the computer and technology, a prospective client would need to search out a photographer, hire that photographer, and buy prints from said photographer with the goal of enjoying those prints for years to come.

In today's technological age a prospective client will search out a photographer, hire said photographer, and waste a ton of money on digital images that they are never going to look at again.

That is what makes Mau Loa Studios different.

Our goal is to provide you with cherished memories and family heirlooms to talk about and pass down for years to come. 

What To Expect

Step One: Coffee

Before you make any financial commitment we want to sit down with you and discuss your ideas. This is your story that we are capturing and we want to get to know you. Meet with our lead photographer Ryan and get to know one another and plan out your session.

Step Two: Shoot

When you are ready just as you would expect, we'll need to take some photos. We want you to be as stress-free during your session as humanly possible so arrive well rested and ready to have some fun. Heck, if you need some more coffee, just let us know!

Step Three: Order Your Treasures

About one to two weeks after your session at your convenience, we will sit down and walk you through your ordering process. By this time we're  practically family and we will be there with you every step of the way to help you select your investments.

Bonus Step: We Hand Deliver Your Prints!

Yes. It really is that simple.


Framed Prints

Gallery Wraps

Metal Prints


Large Format Prints

And Many More!